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The best way of keeping a steam boiler or a thermal oil heater in a a good condition is contracting a maintenace contract with H.G. SERVITEC, S.A. We realize a follow-up of the boiler, as well as the training of the boiler users for doing the maintenance in safety conditions. We can prepare a contract maintenance service based on costumer needings.

Here we describe some kinds of coservice contracts. 

1 - Corrective service contract: The simplest maintenance. We do the minimal tasks destined to correct the faults that they are presenting in the boilers and that are communicated to us from the department of maintenance of the costumer or by the boilers users.

2 - Preventive service contract: It is the most habitual service contract. It has for mission support a constant level of conservation of the boiler, programming the interventions of its most vulnerable points in the most opportune moment (technical stops and periods of vacations) and are coordinated between the equipment of production costumer team, maintenance costumer team and with our technical service.  

3 - Predictive service contract: This is not an habitual contract. This type of contract is the one that follows and reports permanently of the condition and operability of the facilities by means of the knowledge of the values of certain representative variables of such the condition and operability. To apply this maintenance, it is necessary to identify physical variables (Temperature, vibration, energy consumption, etc.), which variation is indicative of problems that could be appearing in the equipment. It is the most technological type of maintenance, since it needs of technical advanced means, and in occasions, of a strong mathematical, physical and/or technical knowledge. An example is the degree of soiling of the boiler, in which the temperature of exit of smokes is increasing throughout the time, or the time of purge in the watertube boilers of average range. 

4 -  Zero Hours Contract (Overhaul): It is the set of tasks which aim is to check the boilers to intervals programmed well before there appears no failure, good when the reliability of the equipment has diminished valuably so that it turns out to be risky to do forecasts on his productive capacity. The above mentioned review consists of leaving the equipment at Zero hours of functioning, that is to say, as if the equipment was new. In these reviews they are replaced, change or there are repaired all the elements submitted to wear (Pressure Switches, Level Switches, etc. and even the burner). It is tried to assure, with great probability a time of good functioning fixed in advance. 

5 - Maintenance in Use (Formation Users of Boiler): It is the basic maintenance of an equipment realized by the boiler users. It consists of a series of elementary tasks (captures of information, visual inspections, cleanliness, oiling, tight of screws). This type of maintenance is the base of the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance, Productive Total Maintenance).  

The contracts of maintenances for steam boilers and thermal oil of H.G. SERVITEC, S.A. are based on the norm UNE 9112:1988 - STEAM BOILERS. FUNCTIONING AND MAINTENANCE. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS

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