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Last news from HG SERVITEC!
The European Commission study include steam boilers in the rules of Ecodesign
The small and medium steam boilers should be more efficient.

According to a technical report published by the European Commission the areas of windows, boilers, power cords, smart meters and computer servers are prioritized to establish the next legislative regulations on ecodesign in Europe.
The proposal was debated on 20 January. The Commission will announce the final list of products included in the rules of Ecodesign in the spring.The European Commission is now working to assess the potential of applying the rules of Ecodesign into nine groups of new products. Of these nine groups, five have been identified as priorities: windows, boilers, power cables, servers, appliances and meters.The potential energy savings are expected to apply eco-design such products in 2030 correspond to: the construction of windows (785 PJ / year), steam boilers under 50 megawatts (177 PJ / year), power cables ( 182 PJ / year), servers and storage equipment (135 PJ / year), and smart meters and appliances (802 PJ / year).The other four categories of products that could be considered in the next three years are: positive displacement pumps (270 PJ / year), fractional horsepower motors (258 PJ / year), lighting controls (610 PJ / year) and controls of heating (319 PJ / year).The proposed addition of these new groups of products to the EU regulation governing mandatory ecodesign requirements that must meet the same has been discussed at an internal meeting of the European Commission in Brussels on 20 January.The EU executive hopes to have approved the final action plan in mid-April.Compliance with ecodesignThe process of adopting a Community Regulation, since the beginning of his study preparatory to its adoption, may last 2-4 years. Once an EC Regulation comes into force, the period for which the product meets the requirements is usually short, usually one year.Early follow-up of legislative developments and the preparation or anticipation of requirements to meet are highly recommended actions for the companies concerned, because once adopted a regulation margin for maneuver is very limited.EC Regulations are mandatory for manufacturers or importers who want to put your product on the market of the European Union. An indirect affect on suppliers or manufacturers of parts and components sector, whether working with clients in achieving the requirements or reporting to their customers the information required by the Regulations.Source: